Trojan rolls-out integration enhancements to WMS

Trojan rolls-out integration enhancements to WMS

Following the successful deployment of its latest warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Trojan, a company that provides multichannel etail sales and fulfilment for FMCG retailers, manufacturers and a broad range of SMEs, has now deployed its newest WMS module, building upon the platform’s integrability.

Among the features of Trojan’s new module are application programming interface (API) integration to Groupon, the global e-commerce marketplace and deals site. This allows orders to be received electronically and imported directly into Trojan’s systems. From there, they can then be batched with orders received via Trojan’s other sales channels.

The Trojan system registers the origin of all orders received, as well as the owner of the inventory. This enables the system to ensure that seller specific dispatch notes and courier labels are generated. The resolving of stock to ensure only the prescribed numbers of items are sold, avoiding over-sales, is also automatically catered for, as is the pass-back of carrier dispatch information to Groupon to confirm shipments have been fulfilled.

Another feature of the new module is an enhanced courier package, which provides similar functionality to that offered by courier aggregators. Trojan can now leverage literally any carrier that offers API integration and can choose how best to route shipments. This results in the most effective dispatch method. The module allows Trojan to either ship using its own accounts that it holds with most major carriers, or when the carrier can support it, ship using accounts held by Trojan’s customers.

Clive Murphy, managing director of Trojan, said:

“This is another significant step in the development of our industry leading IT system and allows us to dynamically connect further with trusted partners.”