Trojan provides returns solution for Amazon sellers

Trojan provides returns solution for Amazon sellers

A refurbishment, repair and returns solutions company is warning international Amazon sellers to get their returns method in order following the latest returns policy issued by the online giant, which is now in effect.

International companies selling in Europe have been informed by Amazon to provide a returns solution or else provide a refund to the buyer.

According to Trojan, a company that provides returns solutions, as well as multichannel etail sales and fulfilment to some of the largest companies in the world, returning money back to the buyer may not necessarily be an issue for sellers if the items they sell are cheap, but problems arise when more expensive items are required to be refunded.

This could be a significant issue for sellers if customers catch on that they do not have a returns solution, allowing customers to use this to their advantage.

Those that use Amazon to sell items online were issued with a notice stating that:

“After 15th November, 2016, when processing an international return for orders that you deliver to customers in the United States and the five European marketplaces (i.e. Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom), you must use one of the three methods listed below.”

These three return option methods sellers must now follow are: offer a full refund without requesting the item to be returned; provide a local return address in the buyer’s marketplace; or provide a pre-paid return postage label for a return request from the marketplace in which you are selling.

This policy has been in effect in the United States since 30th April 2016. In the notification to sellers, Amazon states the policy is being implemented to improve the customer experience when on Amazon. The policy does not apply to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) orders, as the company manages returns and refunds of orders delivered through FBA.

Trojan suggests one of the best ways forward for international sellers following the implementation of the policy is to ensure an efficiently managed returns method is in place that maximises asset recovery.

Clive Murphy, managing director of Trojan, commented:

“We manage returns for a number retailers and manufacturers, offering a comprehensive returns management solution. We have the logistical capacity to facilitate an increase in demand from international sellers, selling in the UK and Europe, looking for efficient assistance with the new return rules imposed by Amazon. We are seeing significant demand for our managed returns services particularly from companies based in the USA that not only want to maintain their sales in the UK and Europe but better understand how they can increase these.

“From our own experience of running several online stores for customers, we truly understand the entire end user return process and how best this can be applied in the UK and Europe. We can cater for the entire end user return process from issuing a return number, supplying prepaid return options, arranging collection, receipting and inspection, and collation of returns or processing for onward sale.

“International sellers shouldn’t have to miss out on sales into the UK and Europe due to not having a return solution and they certainly shouldn’t just take the hit on giving full credit back as a result of not having a realistic returns solution in place.”

Trojan moved to a new, purpose built 180,000 sq. ft. facility off Amazon Way, Swansea during spring 2015, giving Trojan the physical infrastructure the company envisioned it would need to expand and manage an increase in activity.

Murphy added:

“We’re seeing growing demand for our returns and refurb services and having the ability to provide these solutions to sellers around the world is what makes us attractive.”