Repair, Refurb & Recoup

Our clients include some of the worlds’ largest branded manufacturers, OEM’s, FMCG retailers and smaller, independent design houses.



Diversity + Capacity


We currently refurbish, repair or rework in excess of 600,000 items annually, these items as diverse as Health, Beauty, Fashion and SDA, to CE/IT, Mobile and Flat-packed Furniture. Our software is fully configurable to cater any product category.

Systems + Space


Operating from a purpose built facility Trojan offers 120 operator positions, giving the capacity to process tens of thousands of products every month. Trojan has invested in its own bespoke IT system which allows serial number track and trace for all assets managed. Each Trojan client has their own unique web ID and password allowing them real time access from anywhere in the world to monitor their assets on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our Premises

Data Destruction


We can provide certified data destruction on a varied range of products including IT assets (such as Desktops, Notebooks, Servers) Mobile Phones, Tablets and memory.


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Efficiency + Transparency

With purpose built facilities controlled via a fully integrated bespoke IT system, Trojan is able to process all manner of products with industry leading speed and proficiency. We offer cost effective solutions, with a fully transparent charge that is agreed in advance of any works being undertaken.

Authorised + Approved


Trojan is also proud to have been appointed by Her Majesty’s Government as an AATF (Authorised Approved Treatment Facility). We are therefore fully qualified to ensure that all customers comply with, and keep current with, all the stringent EU legislation controlling CE/AV/IT refurbishment and recycling.

Accreditation + Awards

Returns Management


Increased asset recovery is key for all manufacturers and retailers selling electronic equipment. Trojan continue to demonstrate significant increases in asset recovery by improving product pass rate and yields and we work with our clients to establish best routes to markets for the refurbished product.


Direct Store Returns Management


Goods-in, WIP + Full Stock Reporting


Returns Management + Reporting

New Product Rework

There’s always potential for manufacturers or importers to experience a problem with a product, this could be as simple as incorrect labelling/packaging, or a modification, firmware upgrade or other issue. We understand that even when problems arise, the pressure to deliver on time remains, so with our flexible workforce and ability to operate 24 hours a day when required, we can accommodate urgent product reworks, ensuring any issues are resolved swiftly but correctly.

Warranty Management + Swap-out


We work with our clients to help prevent returns where this is achievable, whilst also ensuring that our clients are in the best possible position to resolve items that have to be returned. The services we offer include:


Repair of Items in Warranty

We can deal direct with end-users, providing for the issuing of RMA’s, then the receipt, repair, and return of items.



We can provide for swap-outs, from end-user or store/DC (collecting a faulty unit on delivery of a replacement unit, be it new or refurbished) then resolving the faulty unit after it’s back with us.


Telephone / Email Customer Service

We look to maintain a sale as made, offering triage services, or looking to agree partial refunds based around agreed criteria.


Spare Parts Procurement

We can advise our clients at the time of placing factory orders for new product what allocation of spares will be required to enable the resolving of the faulty volumes typically experienced on without warranty, or RTS orders.

Trojan Electronics play a significant role in our asset recovery and consistently provide a high level of quality and service. They continually strive to exceed our expectations and develop their service offering to meet our requirements. Trojan are professional, efficient and versatile and are an integral part of our Reverse Logistics program within the Electrical Category. TESCO

Trojan are a 1st class supplier. Our PCA’s and other products have been produced on time, to the highest quality and at good prices. More unusually, Trojan add real value to our designs; incorporating improvements and offering suggestions which ease the build, improve appearance and add professionalism to the end result. SMALL PLANET TECHNOLOGY

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